Fundamental Skills to Design Your Life

We believe that our fundamental skills are knowing ourself (what we like and what matters to us), scan our surroundings (how we identify what problem we want to solve), and claim our roles (how we take action to give impact to society).

LC Class
  • Session 1

    Skills to Take a Good Care of Your Health<>

  • Session 2

    Skills to be Mindful and Live Life to the Fullest

  • Session 3

    Skills to Set Your Priority Right

  • Session 4

    Skills to Tell a Story that People Will Listen

  • Session 5

    Skills to Have Critical and Constructive Understanding

  • Session 6

    Skills to Master Decision Making and Solve Problems

  • Session 7

    Skills to Predict Your Life Through Data

  • Session 8

    Skills to Generate Creative and Innovative Ideas

  • Session 9

    Skills to Make Planning that Actually Works

  • Session 10

    Skills to Find Multiple Ways to Achieve Goals

  • Session 11

    Skills to Make Plan that Actually Works

  • Session 12

    Skills to Take a Good Care of Your Health

  • Session 13

    Skills to Not Run Out of Money

  • Session 14

    Skills to Create Content that Gets People's Attention

  • Session 15

    Skills to Create Content that Gets People’s Attention