Q: What is LC Class?

A: LC Class is a fundamental class where you can learn to know yourself, map your strength and potential, make things that matter most to you, create activities that make you feel empowered, scan your surroundings, think creative and critical, have more empathy, analyze needs and opportunities, and claim role to give an impact to the society.

Q: Should I pay for each class?

A: Pay as you wish. Why pay as you wish? Because we believe that the value of learning should come not from us, but from you, the Student. Our role is creating ecosystem and making sure you’ll get curated Mentors that helps your learning journey.

Q: How to register the class?

A: To attend class, please register here, fill the form, and you’ll get email notification for payment details. Once you’re done with the payment, we’ll contact you to confirm your attendance. Please show the ticket by the time you would attend the class.

Q: What will I get after attending the class?

A: You will get LC Workshop Kit and have a chance to join LC Lab screening process where you can meet LC Coaches and Mentors.

Q: Is there any specific age minimum?

A: So far, LC Class is open for everyone.

Q: Should I attend all of the classes?

A: For LC Class, you can choose whatever class you’d like to attend. See list of classes here.

Q: How long does it take for each class?

A: 3 hours each session.

Q: When will the schedule be available?

A: LC Class will be held every weekend (Saturday/Sunday).

Q: What are the classes?

A: There will be “Fundamental Skills to Design Your Life” that you can check here.


Q: What is LC Lab?

A: LC Lab is an idea incubator space for you who are ready to make a creation. In LC Lab, you’ll be challenged to put what you learn into context by making a Self Project Prototype as implementation of “Fundamental Skills to Design Your Life”, facilitated by the LC Coaches and Mentors for 3 months (10 weeks every Saturday and/or Sunday).

Q: Should I pay for the LC Lab?

A: As long as you meet our requirement and going through screening process, you can access the LC Lab with ‘pay as you wish’ payment concept (see “Should I pay for each class?”). After finishing the program (see “What is Declaration Day”), please pay it forward by donating your money to us (will be used for next batch) or simply by giving back to society, sharing what you’ve got along the learning journey.

Q: What are the requirements?

A: First, make sure you’re between 18 – 35 years old and mentally ready to make a creation. Second, go through all of the LC Lab screening process. For more info and updates, please follow our IG account @limitlesscampus. Lastly, wait for the Student announcement.

Q: How long is the LC Lab journey?

A: After going through LC Lab screening process, the selected Student will get experience in LC Lab for 3 months (10 weeks every Saturday and/or Sunday). At the end of the program, there will be a Declaration Day where all LC students showcase their Self Project Prototype.

Q: What is Declaration Day?

A: Declaration Day is an ‘anchoring’ moment that marks all of LC Students’ journey in regards to the finishing program of Limitless Campus. It is also a declaration that every LC student is ready to make a creation in their next journey.