Who Design Your Life? Why?

7 people think they know their mission in life. But, only 1 of them can describe it well.

65% of respondents are not clear about who designed their lives.

Your degree doesn’t guarantee
Your performance in your career

Answer These Question HonestlyWhat Is My Strength? Where Do I Belong?What Is My Mission Life?What Is My Value?How Do I Perform? How Do I Communicate?

Limitless CampusIs a life skill learning platform with 3 fundamentals: know-self; scan surroundings; claim roles, facilitated by coaches and subject-matter mentors to help young people rediscover themselves and make creation that has impact to society.

Skills To Design Your Life

Think about your study, your work, and your life at the moment.
Are you doing it because you have to? Or is it your choice?


LC Class: Know Yourself

LC Class: Scan Your Surroundings

LC Class: Claim Your Roles

Day Zero: Direct Assessment

LC Lab: Coaching and Mentoring

Declaration Day

30+Mentorsthose who have been doin in the things that matter to them
30+Coachesthose who shall walk to journey side by side with you

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